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Our law firm Asianajotoimisto Pilviö & Laakso can offer you experienced attorney-at-laws in various different matters, such as in criminal matters, family law and foreign affairs. Attorneys Riitta Laakso and Minna Pilviö and Master of Laws MIkko Rantanen work at our law firm.

Situated in the heart of Tampere, we are easily accessible from all over the city. We can offer our services in English, and if needed hire a legal interpreter. In addition to this, attorney Minna Pilviö speaks Italian and some Arabic, and attorney Riitta Laakso speaks some Spanish. Master of Laws Mikko Rantanen can speak French.



Criminal matters: We have wide-ranging experience in criminal cases assisting both the plaintiff and the defendant. We offer you a knowing advisor for the pretrial investigation at the police station, the trial in the district court and potentially later in the court of appeal, and make possible compensation applications for the state treasurer. We offer special support for children and adolescents.

Foreign affairs: In the past years we have had a significant amount of asylum seekers and applicants for residence permits, so we have extensive experience in the field and can offer help in nearly all cases. We also provide assistance with work-related immigration permits, family reunifications and citizenship applications.

Family law: We offer aid in various different instances related to family law. We can help in making prenuptial agreements and assist in divorce and division of property. In separation or divorce with children involved, we offer help with child contact, alimony and any other custody issues. In addition the services listed here, we also offer aid in disputes, title deeds, estate inventory deeds, last wills and testaments, and guardianships. If you are not sure if we can help you, you are always free to contact us by phone or email, or even drop by, and ask about your specific case.

Cost: The initial negotiation, in which we discuss the needs of the client and our capability of taking on the case, is always free of charge. We can give you a cost estimation during this meeting if needed. Our clients have the possibility of getting legal aid if the requirements for it are met, or have the fees paid partially or fully by their insurance. We assess the possibilities for both of these on behalf of the client, and file the necessary applications and notices.



The shareholders of our attorney’s office are attorneys-at-law Minna Pilviö and Riitta Laakso. Our career is close to our hearts, and we make sure to stay up to date with our knowledge by constantly re-educating ourselves. Master of Laws Mikko Rantanen has started working at our office in 2023.

Our office secretary Kirsti Sisso has worked in the field for decades, and great customer service has always been a high priority for her. Lawyer Pertti Patrikainen has retired, but is still involved in preparing criminal cases.


Riitta Laakso

Laakso mainly deals with cases relating to family law, foreign affairs, making deeds and wills, and guardianships, but takes on other cases as well.

  • phone: 040 501 3461

  • email:

  • Master of Laws 1991

  • Trained on the bench 1992

  • Attorney-at-law 1997

  • The Finnish Bar Associations arbitration training

  • Speaks Finnish, English and some Spanish

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Minna Pilviö
Pilviö works mainly with criminal cases, but takes on other types of work as well.

  • phone: 045 234 2878

  • email:

  • Master of Laws 2014

  • Attorney-at-law 2019

  • Worked as a police officer prior to becoming an attorney

  • Speaks Finnish, English, Italian and some Arabic

Mikko Rantanen.jpg

Mikko Rantanen

Rantanen works mainly with family law cases, but takes on other types of work as well. Rantanen is also an attesting notary.

  • phone: 050 592 0300

  • email:

  • Master of Laws 2012

  • Speaks Finnish, English and some French


Kirsti Sisso

  • phone: 03 254 2100

  • email:

  • Legal assistant

  • Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration

  • Worked in a law-firm since 1983, and been with us since 2019


Lapintie 3 C
33100 Tampere

Phone 03 254 2100
Business identity code (Y-tunnus) 1635868-0

We work on cases throughout the whole country, and are able to travel for court.
Our office is open on workdays between 08.00-16.00

Meetings can be had upon agreement at other times as well.

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